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you know - it'd be nice to have the bedroom open, as per first drawing.

but the closet space in the second is appealing. So maybe the real question is - how much do you like/need closets


I like the first option with perhaps one small change to the 3rd floor layout. Move the closet from left wall to but against the bathroom wall. This way walking into the room your line sight is unobstructed making it much more fung shui.

You didn't want a door from bedroom to bathroom?

The second isn't appealing since I would always go for as much uninterupted space as possible. The location of the stairs cuts into the bedroom and may limit future layout flexibility.

Brennan and Brian

We vote for #1 as well for one MAJOR reason. In the second layout you have a narrow bedroom and a narrow living room. I wouldn't want to give up the space in those two really important rooms. I agree with Charlie that I would want the door into the bathroom from the bedroom. You could put in a slider that wouldn't take up any room at all...

kasia and steve

we like #1: bigger living room and master bedroom, both rooms on the second floor can become bedrooms and don't have to walk through the 3rd floor bedroom to get to the bathroom
#1 just feels better


i vote for #1. i like the way the stairs are "self-contained" (keeps them out of the way) and seem more functional. and, your sight and traffic lines are more open even if the space is slightly more closed. bet you could work on that, too. since you can, i'd tweak with a bathroom - just not sure how yet. still looking.


It's kinda hard to tell how wide the stairs will be in either version, but in general, I agree that 1 is better - the stairs are functional and out of the way, though it does seem like you give up some closet space. But you guys are out of the closet anyway, so why do you need them?


I think the living room might be akward with the continuous stair option - esp. as it will interfere with the window.
so despite my drunken conviction on saturday, i might lean toward the wrapping stair...


I like #1 also -- much cleaner.

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