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If the structural concerns are so, building over the kitchen is a nice option. However, I prefer "the other plan" as it seems more complete. Of course, you have money, time and physical restraints - then again, don't we all. Sorry to hear that Achitect quit - did you get a good referral from him?


my preference is for the sleeping garret and building out over the kitchen... which i suggested to begin with... why go through the head-ACHE of a third floor structural nightmare???
you may have to, however, turn in the lovely leather couch for a pull-out sleeper for, ah-hem, visitors and permanent guests...
and, the architect seemed like a weeny anyhow...


we are considering an addition similar to your "newest" plan I believe. The one with the sleeping garret and deck. Although we have no exisisting attic space to work with so your situation is a little better than ours. Has anyone given you an estimate as to how long you will be residing in the basement?

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