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Dude! You totally did the right thing! Totally!

Without room for a shop, a table-saw is a tough sell for ply-wood (now, when you get to trimming out cabinets and book-cases, then it's more worth it.)

The other thing when it comes to book-cases and the like: They are ply-wood boxes, and you can get those naked furniture/cheapo cabinet shops to make them for you for just a little more than materials, and (often) for a lot less than the head-ache of making them yourself. You put them where you want them, and then trim out with moulding or what-ever.

Dover publications probably has a book showing how cabinets and book-shelves are just fancy plywood boxes.

I've known a few designers who go this route, trim them out nicely, and call them "Custom" (which they are, but still).

Compound miter saw, now you _need_ that. Seriously, splurge.


Ummmmmmmmmmmm, tools.

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