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Dude: About plywood floors. I was in an architect's place once and he had ripped some "AC" ("One side good" the same plywood Judd sculptures are made of), and then poly-ed and installed that. It was nice, but very similar to 'regular' flooring. Big squares, the fastners become very obvious (something to think about).

Yet another alternative worth investigating is bamboo. Not too expensive, resilient as all get out, and good looking - available in a variety of finishes.

Also, you can make clamps with 2X4's, blocks and wedges - I'm surprised you didn't run across it online somewhere. Same priciple as a hold-down dog on a workbench.


you should chat with Jen's husband archie. He did the exact thing you're talking about in thier kitchen. I like it but it does look very "modern". Don't know if that's what you're going for....

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