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Brian H

I think if you raise the ridge beam on the dormer section equal to the height of the dormer face to maintain the roof pitch of the orriginal roof the dormer will come off looking like it was part of the orriginal construction.

brian h


Very cool 3-D model!

The HCBA has a number of pattern drawings for bungalows...maybe they will help you to articulate what you want from the architect.



Here's the perpective of an architect:
If you don't trust the credentials or integrity of the architect, get another one. Now. There are plenty out there and you need to be well represented. Find someone whose style you like and do a little research on past projects. Check their credentials and licensing, and check with the local AIA. Talk to former clients and make sure that you'll be able to communicate well. Once you've found an architect that you can TRUST... do so.
You must feel confident that your ideas are understood and respected. There may be very good reasons not to actually build some of your ideas, but your architect should be able to articulate those reasons. This applies to technical aspects of building, but also to aesthetic ones~ while the architect must respect that it's your house and money, you need to acknowledge that he or she has done this a LOT more than you have and is a highly skilled professional. That's why it's so important to pick one whose work you respect... so that you can trust his/her jusdgement. If you were in legal trouble would you hire a lawyer because his cousin Vinny's got connections? Ditch this goon: A good architect can help your house exceed even the potential you can see... but a bad architect can be a choice you regret for years, and a choice that future owners will regret, too.

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