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what was the ratio on the glue to water for the brick. I'm doing an old brick chimney in a 1925 built house. Did a test demo with a small amount of water and glue and it seems to work. I did go to four different supply houses for brick sealer and the best i came up with was something with a lot of silicone to keep water out. This is inside and I'm more concerned with the crumbly grout.


i want to say i used a cup of wood glue to a quart of water, but the truth is i don't exactly remember. i took the idea from someone else who posted it online as a cheap, easy, non-toxic alternative to anything i saw at store which was loaded with solvents. used a garden sprayer with a simple hand pump to pressurize the container and just sprayed away. for me, it beaded up quickly and i was slightly concerned that wood glue would be visible if it dried to thickly so i applied at least three very thin coats. it's been almost two months since then and i'm very satisfied with the results. completely dust and grit free.


I am a complete novice when it comes to DIY house projects(always lived in a studio apartment with no need to do anything). However I now finally live in a house with an exposed brick chimney in my bedroom and your suggestion sounds perfect as i don't want to use anything toxic where I'm sleeping. I have 2 questions that are going to sound stupid (don't forget I'm a city girl) 1.) what is a garden sprayer and 2.) after you sprayed the sealant did you go over it with anything to rub it in or do you just spray it and let it dry, then repeat? Thanks for your suggestions.


We need to seal a brick wall in our living room in order to keep out the cat pee smell from our neighbor's house. We actually DON'T want it to breathe. There are holes and loose mortar on the wall, and we were wondering if the shellac itself will be enough to seal it out, or do we need to do some mortar work to patch it up first. The biggest hole is two inches circumference, and the wall just seems like a sponge to us. We are sick of the cat pee smell coming through the wall, does anyone think it is a good idea to seal it up?

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