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Hey, cool. I didn't see your prior posts about getting an Elmira. Jeanne and I were really impressed by them when we first saw them at the 2006 Kitchen and Bath show in Chicago. Their a cool business too--started by a family that seemed pretty cool too.

Keep us posted about how it goes!


Love the range!

Are your countertops soapstone? If so, how do you like them and where did you buy from?


The counter tops are made out of Paperstone.

We wrote a lengthy review of the product here: http://mokindo.typepad.com/649_6th/2007/02/paperstone.html

I highly recommend it.



Nice review! How about the wall behind the cooker? What kind of paint? Do you expect the hood to reduce the need for wall cleaning in that area? Sorry for asking a dumb question; no hoods at House104.

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