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The communities in Central Indiana - where i grew up and my brother still resides - use the term "Sun Swept" for fields of grain now converted into barren McMansion farms. Odd places to see and to be. The only insight I have as to Why? The average $25-35 a square foot. (Manhattan = $1000; Brooklyn, $800).


I'm not sure you're giving my new urbanist buddies a fair shake. I talk to a lot of designers from that camp, as you know, and while the big news is in "new towns" most shops are also doing little urban infill projects in places just like your neighborhood.

When I was visiting with Kevin (from 180 degree design in KC) he told about 3 or 4 little and big projects in cities where they are matching what's already there, and trying to bring in a good mix of new retail/offices to go along with appropriately scaled residential.

There's lot of emphasis in NU on what the ground/street level looks like, and I think that's what's important in urban work -- what are you doing to the street scape?

So there you have my take.

Tiny Oak Park Bungalow

You've struck a chord with me on this one. I'll never get why anyone needs this much square footage. It is just not sustainable. I drive through developments with hundreds of these homes and am convinced that we are doomed.

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