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molly peasy

saw it with my own eyes. it rocks.


Hey, I had a thought about those tiresome seams in the corners of the bathroom -- the ones Michael was caulking when I was there.

What about scribing a cube of cedar to fill the corners? It might look like more of the cedar box of the bathroom -- and would be less shiny than caulk. Anyway: A thought.


Kevin and Roxane-The plant that makes the "paperstone" is not far from us and they have on their website 'handyman' ptoducrs, a list of thier materials that are discontinued or ends or what ever. They will have them out for you to look at (with notice) after you select so you can pick up directly from them, but yea, it is in Hoquium WA about 1.5 hours from us. We need to replace some counters before we sell and move so I will be checking it out.Great project!! Jan

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