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I can't wait to see what mirror ends up there... it is a great looking space!


I think something little and tiny or something long and skinny for the mirror. Looking good, there, fellas.

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Yeah your right,only mirror is missing.thanks for revealing the secret. i'm living in the small town. i'm sure, within a couple of days i would makes my bathroom as it in the picture and makes my friends to feel jealous.....

Bathroom furniture

Although you should make sure your bathroom has a personal touch, it shouldn’t be TOO personal. The colors and feel should appeal to a buyer, so that THEY can imagine themselves in the bathroom. Neutral shades that are light work wonders for smaller bathrooms, especially the color of bathroom cabinets, bathroom furniture and bathroom vanities! For example, a traditional bathroom vanity will work better than a glass or a stone vessel. A buyer may have a child in their family, and, may not want a glass vessel.

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Great looking vanity! I hope that the one I plan on installing soon comes out so good!

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I've never seen that kind of light fixture in a bathroom before, but it fits the color of the walls perfectly. I hope it's not too bright, though. I'm not sure if ours is as unusual as that, but we use hand forged iron lighting in our bathrooms, specifically pendant lamps. They're hanging right above the tub and the sinks, but we use soft white light bulbs, so it's not too bright. We're not afraid that moisture will rust our iron lighting, because they're well-coated and our bathrooms have good ventilation.


^ we use something similar to forged iron lighting in for our Bathroom lights and we love it. Couldn't be happier really.

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That was a good trend of light fixture. I rarely see that style. It looks good in a modern bathroom.


That style is very unique. I like it. I like unique styles that comes from my bathroom. Thanks for that post.

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Lights is very important in bathroom. Even though the color of your wall is dark, the light will lightened it up. You can see more beautiful things if you have light. You can make your hygiene properly. And most of all you can see yourself in the best way.

Hardy Coufal

I'm also curios as to what kind of mirror was used to compliment those lights. But all in all, I highly admire the design of the bathroom. It's dark, but not gloomy.

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I am just curious as to what kind of mirror was used to make those light more attractive. You really done a very great room.

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My name is Brett. The space is looking great.. The lights are amazing. Please fix a mirror and post a new picture soon.. Waiting!! :)


Black tile and white sink look awesome.


Wow the lighting against the tiles looks amazing, not only does it look like something out of a posh club, but it is funky and modern and will impress all who use this vanity area.


Love the bathroom, how much in total would this cost to buy?


Nice fixtures in the bathroom. I really like the modern look.

Bathroom Lights

These are actually pretty excellent. The fixtures are really embroidered with high quality materials and that is something that you see everyday. Thank you for sharing your information with us here.

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