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...there's only one thing I might add. The tub uses a LOT of water. Unlike my sister who can draw a bath and do laps in it all day, I can only soak in a hot tub for 20 or 30 minutes max.

That's a lot of fresh water for my soothing pleasure that then rolls down the drain. Right now, I think I'm at about one a month.


Very Interesting article. I used spray insulation from Home Depot and it worked like a charm.


Hello. I came across your site while searching for reviews of Kohler's greek. We're remodeling our bath and have been searching high and low for a soaking tub. I really miss that Japanese bathing experience. We're considering Kohler's tub and have been wondering about the overflow -- whether if it's high enough for a deep soak. How tall are you, if you don't mind my asking, and how good is water coverage?

Your bathroom looks beautiful, by the way. Very nice work.


I am 5'7". When the tub is totally full, ie up to the built-in overflow, the water is plenty deep enough to submerge my shoulders, and if I fold my legs a bit into a very loose cross-legged position then my knees are also completely under water. This is a rather reclined position, which is typical of Western tubs; I haven't used a Japanese-style soaking tub, but I gather it's used in a more upright seated position. Personally, I have no problem lying back in the tub, but then I was raised using tubs in that way. Hope this helps in your decision.

Have you looked at the OmniTub? Wouldn't have fit in my bathroom, and shipping from UK could be pricey. Thought I'd mentioned because it was a brief contender -- and for some reason not at all easy to locate in web searches. So here's the URL http://www.omnitub.co.uk/


The Kohler Greek Tub looks lovely but if you soak for a long time it can get a bit uncomfortable on the back of the neck. The best remedy is to get a neck pillow. There are plenty available from centres that sell hot tubs and spas. One of the most useful has brackets that allow them to hang over the bath


I agree the tub looks great. I am going to look at something simular for my project. I am more of a shower person, however, now i am older i have started to like them more.
Can you buy them in the UK easily?

Andrew MacPherson

Hello. Pics look great. Question: Do you use a shower curtain? of glass doors? or nothing? If you could shed some light on this it would be greatly appreciated.


Anyone used the omnitub...? am thinking of getting one....


I was hot for the Omnitub in early deliberations, but wouldn't have been a good fit for the room. Not to mention delivery cost from UK. Effective advertising.


Been looking at the Kohler/Creek, in my desire for a Japanesese sokuro type bath, just note that the kohler greek is about a 70-80 gallon capacity, like a six foot tub, and your 40 gallon water heater just won't cut it, hope that you have at least a 50, and more like a 60 gallon, a tank-less, or two 40s in tandem.


Thanks for the great info. I am also planning to install the Kohler Greek soaking tub and notice that yours is installed flush with the wall on two sides. Is this comfortable? What if the wall were flush with the side for your head?

Melissa Bristow

Hi: Love the bathroom. I'm contemplating a similar arrangement and wonder about a question posed that you haven't answered...do you find the need for a shower curtain or other way to block water from the shower from getting all over the room? How have you managed this?


Can anyone comment on wood ceiling and maintenance?

Julie McCambley


I love the tile on your wall, can you tell me what it's called and where you got it?


I have done my bathroom very similar, my husband however, put me mood lighting in, which works so well with the black tiles and looks absolutely amazing!


Hey, I have recently had mood lighting installed in my kitchen area, it looks absolutely amazing, so I can imagine how good it would look in a bathroom with black tiles.


This bathroom looks absolutely amazing, would you be able to advise how much something like this would cost, I have a bathroom which looks to be a similar size, and am looking to update so would like to know roughly how much it would cost.


The white bath works really well against the black tiles, and the white grout in between the tiles just perfects the look even more.

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Very, very nicely done!

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