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I stumbled onto your accounts through a search on how to install paperstone and couldn't stop reading. Great posts. Great house.

NA Tool

We have a retro oven like that at our house too. Looks great.

Peter P

It looks so beautiful! Wish I could be there to enjoy some of your yummy cooking in it again. Hope you boys are good.


How about an update on what's worked and what hasn't? In particular, I'd like to know 1) how well your Paperstone counters are holding up and how much maintenance they require (do you use their maintenance products on regular basis?) and 2) do you still love your Elmira stove?


appreciate the appreciation.
1) i'm very happy with the Paperstone. it's aging very well. high use surfaces show reasonable signs of wear. i've never done more than wipe them down with a wet sponge. sometimes i wonder whether the maintenance product would rejuvenate them, but mostly i enjoy the very slow evolution.
2) still love the stove! would have opted for the warming drawer, even though what i really wanted was a broiler. it cleans well, holds oven temperature nicely, and remains the jewel in the crown of our kitchen. everyone notices, compliments and politely questions its authenticity. i proudly state its neo-retro credentials.

Gabrielle Jeromy

I don’t know, but your kitchen gives me a retro impression. Perhaps the pallid color theme gives it a classic and charming ambience. I especially love that stove! Hope your kitchen’s holding up well today!

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