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So.... I'm glad you got it working again.... but... I'm assuming there's a part 2 coming along soon about how you tracked down why the breaker kept flipping and charted a plan to have correctly matched wires/breakers?


You don't want to replace a 15amp breaker with a 20 or 30amp, since you probably have 14ga wiring. YOu need 12 ga. wiring for 20amp. It can cause a fire, since the wires will overheat, because the breaker should trip at 15amps... I'd try to find out what's caussing the breaker to trip. It could be something faulty plugged in to it, or just too many outlets/lights on one circuit.


We newly installed 12 ga wiring in the entire house. The sub-panel that is in the basement had a few of the old breakers still in it that we had tied the new 12 Ga into.

That circuit runs three things. Two circuits of 4 50watt halogen lights (each with their own transformer). And a Second large transformer that runs the low voltage lighting in the dining room.

On the wiring front I think we're safe, the more concerning thing now is, the circuit next to this previously faulty breaker now seems to be faulty. This systemic breakdown is causing me the most concern (along with the ability to convince myself I faintly smell an electrical fire) and we're already looking for the advice of a pro.

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Hey there is nothing worse than sitting watching TV, when bump, one of the lights goes out and the fuse trips. In my old house, the circuit breakers were overly sensitive and I had nothing but problems every time a light popped in the kitchen. Glad you got it sorted. I had to move house to get rid of my problem lol.

Clint Rowley

It can be a pain waiting for an electrician to make it out, I don't blame you for looking further into it yourself.


Hey I am married to a good electrician, but the worst thing is for any electrician is fault finding and retracing somebody elses work!


I think always air on the side of caution, never fiddle with electrics if you are unsure what you are doing, you are more likely to cause harm than do good. It is however, had waiting around for someone to solve a problem with electrics, it can take ours when fault finding.


I had a similar problem with my lights, every time I switched the shower off my lights would blow, it was something to do with the main breaker being over sensitive, don't know much about this but I got it fixed in the end by a reliable electrician.

Clint Rowley

I'm glad you were able to get your electrical system back up and working again without too much trouble.

Vivan Lantry

Sara makes a good point. When you're trying to fix anything that involves electricity, it's best to practice caution. But since it turned out to be a success, then congratulations to you!

Electrical Contractor

You might want to enlist the services of a professional electrician. I have a feeling the problem isn't fixed, just hidden behind a larger breaker.

Matt@electrician thousand oaks

I tell all of my customers to fix it yourself. It is cheaper and faster than hiring someone like me. Just make certain the power source is turned off before you mix it up!

Matt From Thousand Oaks Electrical

Santo Badenoch

Finally, your wait is over! Thank goodness he came. LOL! What would have happened to you if he did not come? If I were you, I would have gotten scared. Hahaha!

Clint Rowley

Too bad electricians can't have something like a 30 minutes or less arrival time garantee like pizza delivery.


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Great job!! You don't need any electrician at all. You can solve all problems by own. But getting more involve in it might create another problem.


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