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you can put a chuck roast on in the morning bforee going to work and when you come back it should be ready to eat. when you let meat cook on a low temp for a long time it makes the meat tender especially if it is a cheap cut of meat but you don't want to cook any meat too long because some of it will get stringy. you can stop cooking it now it should have only took 8 hours. but its ok don't cook it any more. and of course i must ask why are you not going to eat it for another 12 hours?


12 hours is more than enough time.I would swctih it off now, and then turn it back on to reheat later.With slow cooking like that it really allows the meat to absorb all of the flavours you add.With chuck it will become more tender so it can just be pulled apart.Use leftovers for pulled beef sandwiches.

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